Just installed my Rachio is it posible to reset the conumption counter?

Hi, I am a new user from sweden and I just installed my new watering system, and i have a question if its posible o zero out the counter for water consuption?
I am planing to ad a flow meter in the future so i get more control.

bro! your manifold box is the tits!

but no, there is not a way to do this now :frowning:

Hey @zlobo-

While you cannot do this in the app, support can do this for you :slight_smile: When you are ready, just email support@rachio.com and they will reset for you!

McKynzee :rachio:

Thanks i will do so.

@zlobo Love the voltmeter in the pic.

Does that manifold come preassembled or did you put all that together yourself?

Is that solder?

Is that air hose quick connector by the gauge to blow the system out in the winter?

I’ve got lots of questions about that manifold. So, beautiful.

I handcrafted that mainfold from stainless steel and assembled it my self.
Yes its solder, used it for some of the wirering.
The quick connect i for draining the system befor the winter with pressurized air.