Just checking if you are having server issues?

I’m going to assume from reviewing some threads that Rachio’s cloud broke? As I can’t get into the irrigation settings, history is gone and I’m getting bizarre notifications that my sprinklers are running when I can look that they did run, but aren’t running this very moment.

Just wanted to check that you are having issues and handling it.


Yes, I’m having the same issue. I can’t view anything on my controller and I just got a notification that one of my zones just started despite my schedules don’t allow any watering after 8AM. (It’s 10:30 here)

What’s up?

I never got a notification that my sprinklers came on this morning. However, I just got one four hours later that they were running but they were not. I’m assuming it was for the morning. Also, all my history is gone as well.

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I am also seeing this issue today. App and Web access very very slow. Randomly can’t get to Zones page. No history showing. Controller showing a schedule running, when it is not. I power cycled my Iro thinking it was something on my end.

Seems that way. I’m having the same issue. Looks like my zones are back up now. Guess it’s just taking time to resolve?

Yeah i got a notification that it was going to run at like 10:00 am. Which it never does. I think their server is down. Can’t connect to the Rachio either.

I cannot access my Schedules or History. I was able to get to Zones and do a quick run, but it never said it was running.

Same here

Some of our users are currently seeing delayed notifications and events as they are recovered from an issue we experienced overnight. Stay tuned for more updates today.


Mine seems to be working now! Thank you!


My Iro seems to mostly be working again as well. My Last Run and Soil Moisture appear to be incorrect though.