June Shipping!

Received my Iro today. Label says it shipped yesterday on the 26th from CO via FedEx Home (ground - I only received next day cause I’m in same state they shipped from).

Figured people might appreciate knowing they are on the way.

Received mine today (saturday) in Texas. Was able to say adios to my Hunter Pro C and install Iro in 2 hours or so. Wifi sync gave me trouble, RACHIO support were nice even on a Saturday :slight_smile: and helped me. Instead of tablet tried a phone and it worked like a charm. Also note that you can do the wifi sync up inside the house (instead of garage) if it is comfortable for you. Also doing in a dark room helps as well.
Just naming the stations with whatever name I wanted made a big difference for me. Happily ran the stations one at a time and named them.
My old controller had master valve as well as a wireless rain sensor. For now have not connected the rain sensor
Thanks Rachio. So far like what I have seen
PS: I named all the cables using a label printer as #1, #2 etc. and took photos as well as marked the details on the Hunter Pro C manual as well. Hunter’s manual was also pretty good in marking the various connections.
My builder had put all kind of color cables.

I received my Rachio on Saturday too in Texas. It was very easy to install. I had no issues. Most of the time was removing the old controller and labeling the common wire and the zone wires. No big deal. I programmed the new Rachio, ran thru the zone tests, and viola!!! Waiting until Wednesday to see how this bad boy works. :slight_smile: