Any way you can get the folks at Junction (https://nest.junction.com/) to add Rachio monitoring similar to what they do with Nest?

Hey Robert-
Do you mind sending me junction’s home site? I cannot for the life of me find it, trying to do more research on what they do!
McKynzee :rachio:

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Alright just kidding @sunny helped me find it, I was obviously having a rough monday :disappointed_relieved: What kind of stats would you like to monitor with Junction? Are you thinking just usage?

I mostly care about alerting when one of my Rachio devices goes offline. However they can track and display more.

For Nest they offer:
Real Time Text and Email Alerts About Conditions

Junction sends real time text and email alerts to Nest users whenever conditions such as temperature or humidity move outside of a user’s thresholds. Junction will also send an alert if the Nest unit stops working or loses connectivity. Now Nest users can know the moment their spaces become too hot, cold, dry, humid or if equipment has failed. It’s an effective way to monitor things like HVAC functionality or windows left open.