It's rained for 3 days and Rachio still watered

We have had nothing but rain for days. Most of my zones are set to flex daily but they are still running unless I catch them and do a manual skip.

Today I went in to the moisture zones to manually fill them and when I went into the “more details” section I saw there hasn’t been an update in several days.

It is set to WI PLUS and I have a strong WiFi connection with no problems communicating with the device.

What’s going on? This is pretty frustrating since I this is exactly why I bought the Rachio 3.

Sounds like me in north San Diego, rained most of the week, well over 3 inches, no updates either and all my soil moisture readings keeps going down day by day

I’ll fill them up to avoid watering tomorrow

I said a long time ago that the R3 is a glorified sprinkler system, good mainly for being able to monitor it remotely… the operative word here is “monitor”

Good luck

I came here with the same question. yes, NSD. Flex daily. It rained for 3 days and this morning I had. notification the grass was watered for an hour. I manually skipped the drip that was to occur later.

The whole point of getting the R3 was to have it be smart and not water after it rained. I figured I somehow misunderstood a setting and came here to research and found this post at the top.

More details shows 0% precipitation. Instead of having the weather set to my weather station, I use the weather intelligence assuming it has better redundancy. It appears their weather intelligence has an issue.

Hey svtdriver,

It’s more common around here than you want to know, unfortunately

Like I said earlier, got to keep an eye on it

Sounds like WI+ has an issue. Use a reliable nearby weather station with the precipitation measured that you expected instead for the time being.

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I am having the same broblem. Lawn is fully satturated and it still went through a cycle.

Like @Kubisuro said, find a solid PWS closer to your house that is recording similar data to what you are seeing. WI+ is great for areas without PWS nearby, but a solid localized PWS will ALWAYS be a better option.

As for what is happening, Rachio contracts with a company to provide the WI+ data, and there is a chance that there is some reporting issues with said company. Usually @franz can dig into that pretty easily.

Hmmm? It’s possible that your settings are off. Over here in Sacramento, we’ve got rain, and I always got a push notification from the Rachio app that watering will be skipped due to rain.

You may need to mess around with your settings. You can adjust the watering level (.5 inch, 1 inch) and if it’s projected that it’ll rain above that, it’ll notify you it’s skipped.

We got a bit more rain last weekend and nothing is recorded at all, in fact the last rain info was taken on 12/6

I’m using WIP, what is the best way to get it to take a reading? We have had several inches of rain in the past 3 weeks and it wants to water tomorrow…

I’ll fill the moisture levels to prevent it but this needs to be fixed


WI+ is a great system, but if you have local PWS’s near you, those will ALWAYS be better. Change your setting to a PWS near you that is showing similar patterns to what you have been seeing.

So I paid quite a bit of money for their technology to use a PWS…

Previously, folks from Rachio would be on here to help out, not so much lately and now that they have discontinued the flow meter, are these signs of what’s coming…