It smoked and fizzled! Still works ! Still alive

So by mistake I connected 24VAC to the 24VAC sensor OUTPUT wires - honest mistake as I’ve only had the unit for a year and assumed the white power brick just powered the CPU / controller but not the sprinkler solenoids. (in parallel also had to deal with two stuck solenoids on my sprinkler valves !!)

I heard a fizzing noise and assumed that was it with the unit! Internal fuse or something … But the unit still works if I use the 24VAC transformer but not if I just attach the power brick.

What next? Unit was bought in March last year. Better labeling perhaps to stop this from happening ??? Better design although me thinks a fuse, internal hardware type blew. Odd see no mention of this in documentation …

Something broke, at the very least the inductor on the sensor output is blown. Instead of guessing game, take your controller off the wall and take the cover off. The picture of the PCB is worth a 1000 words…

Most of the issues can be easily repaired. Don’t be discuraged.

All right I might give that a try What’s the warranty. On this unit? I was hoping these units would be idiot proof :slight_smile: