It does not work - won't water when I need it

I installed a Gen 2. It runs 2 zones. Front and Back.
I have tried creating schedules. None will water every day.
The schedule I had was set to “flex” or the middle of the three options for how much control the device has on watering. It had all the “intelligence” turned on.

Our forecast is for 95F or higher every day this week. We have not had rain in over 90 days. When I awoke this morning the device had not watered either zone and it had decided it did not need to water again until 7 days from now.

If I allowed that to happen all my vegetables and a fair bit of ornamentals would be be dead.

For tech support folks - you can see the now deleted schedule in the history. Sorry for the blue language in the name. I’m finding this thing maddeningly difficult to use.

Why in the world would it decide that plants do not need water during a 7 day heat wave with no forecasted rain?

I’ve set up a new schedule, turned off all the “intelligence” and have simply scheduled the watering. Basically, I’m not using the features I paid for and am using this just like a dumb timer. Why in the world does this device make these stupid decisions?

@PDXYard - All the Rachio Gen’s rely on cloud computer and therefore follow the first rule of computing - GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out).

There are many community members that have Rachios irrigating their gardens and folks in Phoenix where a cool day is under 110 irrigating their plants.

I’d suggest setting one zone to Flex Daily and get it dialed in and have the rest on a Fixed schedule with all the weather intelligence features turned on and tuned (e.g. increase the rain for a skip, increase the wind speed for a skip).

If you’ll post screenshots of the zone settings and what is trying to be irrigated I’m sure community members will chime in with suggestions.

Flex is very sensitive to root depth, precipitation rate, available water and plant type. Getting those variables wrong can lead to less than optimum results.

As only two zones are being used, I’d suggest setting up Flex Daily on an unused zone (yes, you can do that - I have four phantom zones) so one can play with the settings and see the impact. Flex Daily does take some time and effort to dial in.


@PDXYard I can’t find your account with the email address used for the community forum. Can you PM me the email address you used for your Rachio account?


Ok, I’ve set up a phantom zone and will monitor how it works.