Is wind considered in weather delays?


I just installed my device and today is really windy… Since typically I’d bypass watering on windy days, I’m
Wondering if my smart controller is taking this into account as well?


@crewcrews It is currently not, but will be incorporated after our 2.0 release (May). It’s definitely in our software backlog :wink: We’ve had a lot of requests for this.


Another newbie question… We’re supposed to water on only odd days, Tuesday Thurs & Saturday…

Which seems silly to me as it ends up watering twice per month more than the every three days the auto-program calls for.

Do I just “not worry about it” unless I get a notice, or is there a programming option to incorporate this sort of restriction?


@crewcrews Little unclear on the restriction. Are you saying you can only water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and then only if it falls on an odd day?


Sorry I was unclear. Regardless of the calendar date:
Customers with EVEN numbered addresses will be allowed to use water outdoors on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Customers with ODD numbered addresses will be allowed to use water outdoors on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

No one is allowed to water on Mondays.


@crewcrews Ok got it. Yes those restrictions, and restrictions in general, are usually, fairly arbitrary.

Our new software (2.0) coming out in May will have a new concept called flex schedules. We will only water when our depletion algorithms determine based on weather data. So in your case, you would opt-in for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and we will only water on those days, when the yard is moisture depleted. Stay tuned!


Thank you so much!


Hi @franz ! It’s now May of 2016 and I’m still not seeing this feature. IFTTT is not a sufficient substitute as it only uses 24hr blocks. So if it’s windy at 7pm, sets rain delay for next 24hrs, but it’s calm as can be at 5am, schedule is skipped when it really shouldn’t be.


@haagml I salute the Anchorman meme :wink:

Absolutely in our backlog, can’t say at this point when it will be introduced.



I was researching this and I see that wind isn’t accounted for at the moment. The information on the website is a bit confusing when it says

"… we are gathering the following data on a zone by zone basis:

  • Evapotranspiration levels
  • Precipitation
  • Minimum and Maximum Temperature
  • Solar Radiation
  • Wind
  • Relative Humidity"


Wind is used in et calculations, but not for delay.


I attempted the IFTT recipe last night but it immediately fired off a delay for today since it was really windy yesterday. My grass needed it today and I turned the recipe off and I’m glad I did because it was dead still this morning.


Same with me, tried the IFTTT recipe and some wind in the morning pushes a full day, when the weather forecast that the Rachio uses has wind to the hour so it can see that wind is expected in the morning but not later in the day.

I guess I’ll just allow the IFTTT to run but if I absolutely need the watering I’m turning off the rain delay manually.


I haven’t been in the forums since last summer when I smoked my lawn while away for 5 weeks because the wind IFTT wind trigger had a 24 hr delay window. It looks like this feature (shorter delay window) has been promised for years now. Has this feature been implemented yet, and if not, is there any chance it will be before my travels this summer?


@franz mentioned wind will be factored into delays in V3 -> Wind speeds


Great, and thanks for the response! I don’t suppose there’s an ETA on the update is there? (I looked but didn’t see anything.)


@mclaser Unfortunately we cannot give any dates on v03 release!


You may be better off watering in the wind this time :smiling_imp: