Is there any way to install Rachio without having a smartphone?

I intend on controlling my rachio using a web browser on my laptop. Do I need a smartphone running the app to make the initial installation?

@crasswell - yes, an Android or iOS based device (e.g. an iPad can also set it up) to run the app is required to set up the device initially. Also, I believe there are a few things the web site doesn’t do that the Android or iOS app do perform.

Thanks for the reply. Would you know what functionality the website is missing?

@crasswell - that is from memory as I remember seeing posts about items not working in one place or the other. And that is based on the current, as of this post, software family V2. When V3 gets released, there could be no differences or other differences.


Depending on the situation, you may be able to run the Rachio app on a Windows PC/laptop:

Great. I will have to check that out. Any tips I should know about?

Sorry, I don’t have any tips to share. I haven’t tried it myself.

I just knew it was a possibility and posted the first promising link from Google :- )