Is there any way to export out a date/time listing of the Rachio?


@SusanBradley what kind of events would you like I’m guessing watering started/stopped? Do you want this for all zones or only a group of them?


All zone, start and stop times.


Hey @SusanBradley. I understand what you mean about the water district and catching your flow. I used to work for one of my local water districts and I was installing those Encoder Meters. We were instructed to tell the customer that it was so “We could detect leaks” by means of the built in flow sensor but it had a second function too. It could detect when someone was irrigation outside of the prohibited irrigation window.

It did have one benefit for us “Water boys”. We could read the water meter route in a matter of 3 to 4 minutes instead of all day since the meters could talk to each other with and Rx/Tx signal and pass all the information to our antenna and laptop on the truck.


Ehhh… not quite. Dumping into the delta yes – almonds no. The “crisis” was precipitated by three things.

  • Thing #1: was actually a sweetheart behind-closed-doors deal ramrodded by Kern Co. and locking up “water banks” with the guy who owned Franklin Mint and lived in Beverly Hills (at that time). M-A-S-S-I-V-E amounts of water were shifted south along the West Side canal and dumped in settling ponds or pumped underground where they accumulated in these “banks”, basically underground caverns. The “banks” were paid a small amount for management and storage – while there was water. Along with that, water came out of the canal system in allocations for farming (and not just almonds, but ALL tree and row crops – read FOOD).

  • Thing #2: the building of above-ground storage dams to trap snow melt runoff was stopped. No new dams. The water was allowed to run down (and into the banks) until…

  • Thing #3 : The great (and continuing) court-ordered Delta Dump, as you mentioned.

Now California has always had water issues, as has the entire Western United States. There was a reason for the old saying, “Whiskey’s for drinkin’; Water’s for fightin’”.

Once the next drought predictably set in it was all brought to a head. Water allocations were cut to nearly-nothing. Water for all that broccoli, cabbage, corn, wheat, rice, cotton, peachs, nectarines, and the hundreds of other ag crops, livestock, humans, and yes, almonds, had to come from somewhere, and it did. Underground. Pumping from wells supplemented or replaced natural run off and allocated water for both agriculture and human consumption.

The drought dragged on. Entire hectares of land sunk – some places by the yard – as the great underground rivers and streams making up the aquifer started collapsing. Many farmers fallowed their land and sold off their allocations of water to neighbors – for more money than they could make growing food. And the drought continued.

Finally, the water boards and State, had to start withdrawing their water from the “water banks” owned by the Beverly Hills guy (who had gone into farming almonds in Kern Co. as part of his business structure.) And boy-oh-boy did W-E have to pay THROUGH THE NOSE! What went in and was charged roughly 8¢, got charged roughly $1.32 to be withdrawn. Enter Jerry’s emergency order.

And the fight is still going on.

Get deep enough into this water mess, and you’ll start drinking whiskey just trying to see straight!

There’s a fine documentary expose on all this available on Netflix. Highly recommended.


might be nicer to offer batched data dumps, downloadable in the right format (only text as text and numbers as numbers), accessible though rachio account. i wouldn’t want to have a month job taking iphone screenshots… rather cron jobs to my mailbox. :slight_smile: that’s great added value. In wordpress or wikipedia you have such options per user, very helpful. might be an idea?