Is there a way to have pump relay turn on only for specific zones?

in my house I have 6 zones. Three of them are connected to a main pump and the other directly to house water system.
Is there any solution to configure rachio to use pump only for three zones?


We currently do not support only turning on the master valve for specific zones. This feature is definitely in our backlog but at this time I do not have specific dates when it will be available.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Franz.
Do you have a roadmap which can be shared with the customer in order to see what are the enhancements in the pipeline?

As our 2.5 release (early Spring) shapes up I’ll try to share with the community features we will be releasing.

Further than that is difficult, since priorities usually change :wink: and I’ve gotten burned by committing to features that we just didn’t have time to start (or finish). Some seemingly simple features take longer than expected, and some more complex features can take considerable less time.

Hope this helps.


This is a feature I would also be interested in. I have a rust inhibitor that is currently run by the pump relay in my current controller. I can selectively turn on the relay by zone (ie zone 1 on, zone 2 off, etc).

For the record, I’m also interested in this. I have three of my zones in the back yard that I’d like to add a master valve for, so the main line to the back yard isn’t always pressurized (there are some problems with that line…).

Until that gets implemented, though, could I somehow tie the master valve to all three (in my case) zone terminals? With diodes or something to make a logical “OR” function? (The goal being to connect power to the master valve from any of the three zone terminals, if any of the three are powered up)

Hi Brian,
Waiting for the enhancement I managed this issue using three relay which cuts power to the master pump when three zone is turned on.


Just adding my name to the chorus of folks who would love this feature to be added. I have a pump pressurizing water from a rainwater catchment system for some zones, but using city water that doesn’t use the pump for other zones.

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