Is there a Pause Feature?

With my TV remote I have a pause feature. Today I had workers to my house and a zone was operating in their way. I stopped Rachio. They were gone within an hour, then I was forced to run Rachio manually, guessing at how long to water. Is there a pause feature? If not, could you add a pause feature in the next software upgrade?


Funny, I just logged in to post the same request!

For me, I have a puppy that needs frequent bathroom breaks. I need a way to pause the system while we’re out there w/o needing to guess manually later.

Guess great minds think alike! :smiley:

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Same here. I was trying to get my bike out of my shed the other day without getting soaked and just had to stop the program and then guess on what zones to finish manually.

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This feature is a big request, and I think you will all be pleased with our next software release :wink:

Can you give me a hint when the software update comes out?

Yes, when is the new software coming out? I run into the pause issue every morning when it’s family shower time. I could add a range when we shouldn’t water, but shower schedules are a bit random, and a pause would be so handy!

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Please, please Rachio. Give us a pause feature, as well as resume.

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I can only assume that the rachio staff would love to tell us all they know about the upcoming release. But as a business owner I understand that the more you tell, in advance, the more people expect. Then they want to condemn you for any delay or feature not released. I totally understand the lack of details, can’t wait to see the new version.

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