Is the water usage number correct?

Hi, I’m manually running my grass of the first time since setting up my Iro. I ran 1 zone for 4 minutes and it says I used 63 gallons of water. Is that an accurate number? To my knowledge, I don’t see how the system knows how much water is flowing out. I don’t have any sensors of any sort… and 63 gallons seems like quite a bit of water for that.

Water usage is an estimate. 3 factors are zone size, nozzle type, and watering duration.

Generation 2 can use a flow meter, when attached, we will use for exact usage.

The nozzle type and zone size (Advanced Zone Settings) can be both modified in the app to get a more accurate reading.

Here is a little more information on the topic:

If you search the forums for ‘water usage’ you should find some more similar postings, here is one for example.

Hope this helps.


@Modawg2k, if you need your gallon reports reset, shoot the support team an email ( and they’d be happy to reset them for you.

If you haven’t already, measure and update your zone area (square footage) within the advanced settings for each zone.

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Hi, I’m trying to calculate the square footage of my lawn sprinklers. Do I measure how far out the water reaches to correctly get the square footage for each zone? I know that my total grass area is about 1300 sq ft but I have 3 zones that overlap each other.

@Modawg2k, here’s an online tool to measure if your tape measure isn’t long enough :wink:

Yep, you’ll want to measure the general overlapping coverage for the heads in each zone.

Let us know if you run into any issues.

Best, Emil

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