Is Smart Cycle used when I manually run a zone? (It should be an option)

If I manually select a specific zone (or zones), will smart cycling be used?


Thanks for reaching out. That is a good question! You will not see the smart cycle feature when you manually run a zone(s). This is only implemented with watering times. If you manually run a watering time though it will come into effect if the smart cycle feature is enabled.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


Thanks that’s what I thought. This would really be a nice feature to have to be able to use the Smart Cycling even when manually watering a zone. All the same reasons for using smart cycling are there whether I start the zone manually or as part of a time schedule! You could just add an option for smart cycle on the manual start.


@EBoon, noted and great point. We’ll share this with the product team for future consideration. :smile:

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How do you manually run a watering time?

Navigate to the watering time on the calendar, edit the watering time, and at the bottom you can run the schedule or delete.

At some point we will move this up into the remote so you can start from there. :wink:


The option to manually run the schedule is only available on fixed schedules. It is not available on my flex schedules.

That is correct. Currently we do not support running flex schedules manually.