Is Rachio offline right now?

Thanx, i hate races. To be clear, I’m not getting notifications, it is shown in the iOS app When I open it up. I mean it is not a big deal as long as schedules push and I can continue to run schedules. It’s just slightly confusing

You have only chewed up 500k in the last four days. Feel free the heartbeat my device More often if that helps.

Mine is showing offline as well when I open up the app. I did not receive any notifications. This is the generation 2. Is this a problem on your end or my end? Thanks

We are going to promote some additional code tonight that will mitigate some of these edge cases where the device improperly shows the wrong status. If you do a pull-to-refresh in the app it should state that it is online.


@franz The Gen 2 unit you helped me setup on Saturday is reporting that it’s Offline rather than on Standby. when I noticed the Offline status yesterday, I went out and unplugged the unit. Status didn’t change. This morning I received the Offline email notification, status is still Offline.

I checked your account and don’t see a power cycle, so it looks like the unit wasn’t plugged back in? I would plug back in and let us know if you see any other issues, and we can do some more research on our side.

Hope this helps.


Hi there - just wondering if there is an intermittent issue with Rachio Gen 2’s being offline at the moment.

My unit keeps flicking offline however it is positioned right near an Access Point which is calling it out as being connected?

Not home at the moment to reboot it - so thought I’d see if any one else is having an issue.


Ha… Ignore me.

Seems in the 36degree heat here that a Poe injector I had double sided taped under my switch came loose… Pulling out the cat 5 cable from the switch in the process.