Is Rachio offline right now?

My Gen2 shows offline in the app, but my Cisco access point shows it’s connected with a strong signal and the Rachio’s lights look okay. I neighbor also said his Rachio Gen1 is also offline right now. Is their a server side issue now?

I believe all of the controllers are still online and functioning properly.

Looking into an issue that is marking them as offline incorrectly.

Will reply as soon as have resolved.


Mine show offline too. But recycle it come back on line for few mins the goes back to off line. It connected to my system. Is server still having problems

All of the controllers are functioning properly. For some reason the heartbeats aren’t making it to our system, so we are incorrectly marking as offline.

Schedules, remote, etc. is all working properly.

Working on determining why devices are being marked offline incorrectly.



Thanks for the update Franz.

Thanks do you need s/n to see which ones or does it show on your end Thanks for the up date

add me to that list. drove me crazy this morning. still shows offline. AP shows it connected still.

A Gen 1 in another location is on and working fine.

Ok, all heartbeats are being processed successfully. Your devices should show online again.



For the second day in a row this morning, I woke up to find my Gen 2 as being offline. When I checked it about 20 minutes later, it was back online. My Gen 1 was rock solid and never experienced this behavior - what is going on here?

The device was never really offline, our system mistakenly thought it was. Working with our cloud provider on this issue. We have rules that route certain messages, like the device heartbeat so we know it is online. For some reason over the last two days that rule has gotten stale and the heartbeat messages were not getting routed correctly. They are on it and I’m certain will have everything resolved soon.

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for the explanation. Is this only affecting Gen 2 devices? Are heartbeats performed differently?

Yes, the entire infrastructure for gen 2 is different. Hope to blog about it someday :wink:


Hey my 2nd generation Rachio continues to go offline and then back online. I never had that issue with my first gen and I’m on the same network.

Having the same issue here. Had gen 1 and was fine… Installed gen 2 last week and the past two days it goes offline several times a day. Or at least says it is offline.

Mines off line again. Let’s hope you can get this fixed not a good start for gen2 roll out !!:-1::-1:

Yes, same issue still happening, the devices are actually online, but being marked as offline incorrectly.

Will let you know when full resolution. Working with our cloud vendor.

Thanks for your patience.


ok, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just on my end. Thanks

My assumption is they are still online cause I can turn the system on and off and run the water. So it’s online for sure. If must be a glitch.

Has this been resolved, I noticed this behavior today. Device reports offline a bunch today but I was still able to perform manual runs

We are going to promote software tomorrow that will mitigate more of these false notifications. There has not been any cloud issues today, though I believe there is a race condition that in rare cases will identify the device as offline.