Is IRO (Gen 1), Google OnHub router, Nexus 6p a perfect storm of failure?

I’ve been very unsuccessful at connecting this. I set my Android phone to only use the 2.4 gigahertz band. I rebooted the numerous times.The blink-up and never succeeds. Also, after a failed blink up, the controller is blinking what appears to be ST (or TS) in Morse code. Is there some Rosetta Stone for interpreting the result codes from the controller?

Hi @albrektson I understand the frustration with having difficulty with the on-hub router. We’ve had success with On-Hub routers in the past. Biggest thing to keep in mind is that the on-hub has no way of disabling the 5ghz band, so if your Rachio Controller is within the distance of the 5ghz band, it will attempt to connect to that band. Can you direct message me your email that you are using with your Rachio Controller? Once I get that I can do a bit more digging as to what is happening, Thanks!


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Yea :frowning:
It blows, but a lot of wifi manufactures started producing 5ghz gear before the spec was fully ratified and as a result we end up with these little anomalies…

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