Is 25minutes duration normal for a zone with 20 micro sprayers

We have a zone for flower pots and roses. We are using micro sprayers to water them. We have 20 sprayers each spraying around 3 sq ft worth of soil. I created a custom nozzle after measuring GPM for this zone. The precipitation rate came to 3.14 for this nozzle.

What is the right zone type for the flower pots? I picked shrubs.
For sprinkler head style, I picked bubbler.
Do these things matter for a custom nozzle?
When I scheduled “As Needed” schedule, it came up with 25mins duration. Plus it scheduled next run almost two weeks after first one.
I am kinda expecting that the “As Needed” will water 5 mins each day or each other day.
Is this normal?

Should I go with fixed schedule?

Shrubs have a default root depth of 15 inches, which will results in longer, less frequent waterings. If you want the duration to go down and the frequency to go up, you can pick something like annuals, or just modify the root depth in advanced settings for the zone to something less than 15 in.


Don’t you mean 3.14159265359?

Just a math joke

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I didn’t realize it rounded to Pi. :relaxed:
I changed vegetation type to annuals. Now the duration dropped to 7 minutes and the frequency increased to every other day as of today.

I’m easily amused.

Since you have flower pots, and that could mean many things, i would probably set the root zone to the average root depth. Some roses are like the terminator of plants so they can afford a touch of drought…I’ll assume yours will as well.

not knowing the setup, I have a few 100 gallon pots with maples and various pots between 10-30 gallons all connected to a drip zone with trees and shrubs. I use 2gph emitters on most vegitation except my smaller pots, they get .5-1 gph emitters and my trees have 2-3 2gph. This is obviously a hetogenous mix and so root size can not be determined. So I set my root depth to 10 inches with an efficiency of 100% and I run the drip for 40 minutes on a flex schedule. So far so good, things make it through peak heat last season and I’m not wasting too much water by over watering the smaller pots. This occurs every 7-8 days right now and will increase to every 3 days during the summer. All,of this is on flex though. Even my pots with annuals, I use miracle grow water saving crystals and that carries those pots the 3 days in 90+ temps.

If I recall from another post you have the drip tub with built in emitters. You could achieve this same effect by installing just enough drip tube to contain a limited number of emitters and run the emitter less drip tub between pots and vegitation. Take a few wraps of tube with emitters where you need more water. But this can become a pain, which is why I switched over to the tubing without emitters.

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