Irritrol wireless sensor install Gen 2 Suggestions

I just set up the Irritrol on the Gen 2. Some suggestions:

Support pics still show Gen 1 connections. This should be updated to include Gen2.

Wires on Irritrol are very flimsy. The pressure connections on the Rachio were too stiff to let them connect. I ended up using some solid core wires as splices with wire nuts to the Irritrol’s small braided copper wires.

When using a Chrome web browser, I could not get the rain sensor changes to remain. I would select the sensor type as ‘Rain’ but the setting would never remain. It was not until I used the Android app to select the sensor as ‘Rain’ and On/Enable that the setting remained.

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I think I remember reading this somewhere…


Thanks for this. @Dan our Web engineer is aware of this and will release a fix, more than likely with our 2.6 software release coming soon.


Hi Jaeross,
Was this a wired or wireless Irritrol rain sensor? I have installed and sold every brand except Orbit. All wire sizes on all brands are pretty much the same. I think it is 18 gauge wire but maybe i am incorrect. I need to read up on installing a rain densor to my Rachio Gen 2. I have Android.

It was wireless RF1000. The wires are thin and braided, not solid core like the terminals for zones.

I am looking at three brands of rain sensors didecby sude, including an RFS1000 sensor. Each senor haso several colors of wire covered by a poly sheath. Each brand has the same wore size. These are not braided wires having sold wire for 8 plus years.

Not that you were taking a poll, but the iratrol RF 1000 I have also has braided wires, was quite flimsy when putting into the terminals, and I would have spliced in solid core wires if I had thought of it. Works fine though. Just a lot like pushing a pony tail through a peep hole.

Just tin the ends… Stranded wire is a lot more tolerant of repeated flexing.


Can you please post a picture of how you wired it? I cant get mine to work because there appears to be an extra wire that doesnt match up to the pictures from their gen 1 install.

Follow the instructions from Irritrol. Installation is pretty universal. That rain sensor is a good product.
My guess is Rachio is in the normally open category.

I was totally wrong. Rachio requires normally closed! Do a Google search and you’ll find Rachio wiring directions including a picture.
I don’t know how to copy and paste links.

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what color wires do you have going where?