Iro waters then forgets so it waters again the next day

I’ve got a strange problem. My Iro is now watering all of my zones every day (s/b every 2-3 days). I can physically see that the sprinklers ran and in the app/website the history page shows it ran. But the Zones and Calendar pages show no evidence. The Zones page for most zones show I’ve been at 0% for several days now. The calendar page shows no waterings for those same days. So it appears the Iro each day thinks each zone is at 0% so it waters. After a few days of this things are getting a bit swampy. I’ve just tried power cycling the unit but that doesn’t seem to have had an impact. Everything else looks fine, it’s on wifi, app signal strength is green, the weather forecast it shows is accurate.

Any ideas?

I power cycled the Iro to no immediate effect, but every run after that power cycle is getting recorded properly. So I think the Iro has a software bug, but it appears my issue has been resolved for now.