Iro Scheduling Issue Emails

Every time I modify a watering time I get an email stating:

“The Iro currently has too many watering rules and cannot utilize such a large schedule. We are working to fix this issue and will let you know as soon as it is complete. Please remove a watering rule to resolve the problem and enable your schedules on the Iro.”

I only have 3 watering times.

I deleted the existing watering times and added them back in and I am no longer getting the email notifications.

Steve, we’re looking into what happened to your device now.

Steve - I tracked down the issue that you were experiencing. We are still beta testing smart cycle and it looks like that feature was available on your device. With normal schedules we support a large number of watering times, more than most people will need. When we finish beta testing we will release smart cycle to the general public. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Franz

Thanks for the update, @franz! I figured it was something like that.