Iro locks up/goes offline

I just purchased an Iro in the last week. I have been having a strange issue, when 2 of my current 4 zones try to turn on, the Iro locks up (blue light flashes once and then it cycle red and amber blinking) and goes offline. If I disconnect the Iro from the wiring base, it will immediately reconnect (without power cycle) and seems to function normal. Until I try to engage those zones again.

I am assuming it is some sort of wiring issue but wasn’t sure where to go from here. I double checked connections at the valves as well as the common wire. Could a faulty valve solenoid cause the Iro to act this way?

@kkashyyyk, thanks for reaching out. What you’re experiencing is wiring issue – most likely a wire is crossed, or you might have a bad solenoid that is causing the Iro to go offline.

Since you know it happens when one of 2 zones attempt to run, you can easily troubleshoot this by removing one of the two wires to see if the issue continues. Once you know which zone is causing the feedback, we can troubleshoot further. Do you happen to know if these two zones share a common wire separate from the other 2 zones that are working correctly?

Feel free to post a photo of your wiring here and/or email one to our support team ( to review.

Best, Emil

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