Iro Generation 2 won't connect via Airport Express extended network

My main Wi-Fi access point is an Apple Airport Extreme. I have an Apple Airport Express halfway across the house that extends that Wi-Fi network to the rest of the house and which is next to my garage, where my Iro Gen 2 is located. The signal from the Airport Extreme is pretty weak in the garage, so the range extender helps a lot. I have two other Wi-Fi devices in the garage, which use the Airport Express to connect to the Internet. My previous Iro Gen 1 also used the Express to connect.

My Iro Gen 2, however, doesn’t seem to the like the Airport Express. When the Express is plugged in a working, the Iro naturally picks that access point since the signal is the strongest. The Iro seems to connect to the Express fine, but doesn’t get past “Light 3” in the LED light codes. That seems to mean that it is having trouble connecting to Rachio’s servers. After trying for a while, the Iro appears to start its setup over at Light 1 and is stuck in that cycle.

I can “fix” it by unplugging the Airport Express and forcing the Iro to connect to the Airport Extreme, but the signal is weak. After a few days or a week, it appears to fall off of that weak network and then tries to connect to the stronger Airport Express network instead. Then it is stuck in the Wi-Fi setup loop and I get a notification 24 hours later that it has gone offline.

Any idea what is going on? My Iro is currently in the Airport Express Wi-Fi setup loop. Can you see on the server side what is going on?

@briansusername This is a known issue with some Airport Express routers and if you have an older version of our firmware.

I’ve told your device to upgrade to our latest firmware which should solve this issue.

When you get the device back online, PM me and we can force the upgrade, then you will be good to go.


Got the latest firmware and when I rebooted the Iro, it connected to the Airport Express and connected to Rachio (all four LEDs on) right away. Thanks!!