Iro didn't water one day

On Thur, Jan 15, my Iro just didn’t water. It’s scheduled to water at 5am and when I woke up around 7am, I noticed that the lawn was dry. So I fired up my Rachio app on my iPhone and it said my Iro was offline. I went to the Iro and it appeared as everything was normal… no error lights, just the top power light was on. With no other option, I pulled the power and rebooted the Iro.

When it finished booting, my app history was immediately populated with all of the “Water Front Flower Beds was not skipped since the forecast service…” but it did not start watering and there was no indication that anything was’t working right all. I had to manually kick off my watering times.

Does this happen sometimes? If I wasn’t home, there would have been no indication that something was wrong or that it didn’t water for some reason. Is there some log you can check to see what happened?



@steve28 I’ll have the development team review your history logs, we haven’t heard of any other customers experiencing this. Thanks and will get back to you soon!

@steve28 We reviewed everything on the account and the device did disconnect on the 14th.

After 24 hours you will receive a notification that the device is offline, but you power cycled before that so would not have received a notification yet. Since then, the device has been consistently online. As far as we can tell everything looks normal with the device. We use eeprom as a backup storage in case the Iro does disconnect with WiFi. It essentially runs the last programmed schedule. I haven’t heard of any backup schedules not running to date. I checked your eeprom and real time clock and everything looks ok. As far as I can tell the system looks normal. It seems like for some reason the Iro fell off WiFi and got into some odd state. Every 4 hours it will try to re-connect to WiFi, so it seems like it was even past that state. At this point we can watch the unit and make sure there are no other errors.

Let us know if you have any other issues and we will be sure to followup and troubleshoot.

Thanks and have a great night!

Thanks for looking into that for me… it was weird that it just “stopped” and didn’t do anything. It’s been fine the past week, so I’ll keep an eye on it.