IRO Continually Offline after 1.5 Release

Hi all, wondering if others are seeing this. Specifically after the 1.5 upgrade my IRO now does not connect to my network. Only way to get it back online is to unplug/plug the unit back in then it comes back online but only for a short period of time.

The reason I tie this to 1.5 is two fold 1) wasn’t happening before the upgrade 2) assume that for feature enablement FW is also flashed as an update to the IRO

Thanks for any help all


I’m seeing this as well. Mine was connected for weeks until I updated to 1.5 yesterday. Now it’s connected once and went back offline.

Yep and now mine won’t go back online. Just did blink up 4 times and tested on 2 different routers and WILL NOT connect now ! Very frustrating

@Wildcatz_1‌ I responded to your other message sent. Please let me know.

Just wanted to post a quick update and say thanks to Chris and the crew for jumping on this issue. Does not appear directly related to 1.5 (just a coincidence) but looks to be a different issue they are working at this time. Either way unit is still connected to the cloud therefore will run the planned schedule which of course is the main thing.

Again great support from Rachio, thanks Chris and look forward to the update on this !

Weird. Hope mine gets fixed in the process

DB/All experiencing the same issue. I believe Chris and his team are aware of any IRO’s having similar issues based on the diagnostics their side. Therefore I would absolutely guess that you are already on their radar. You could always call them if concerned but again think they are on top of this for any that may be seeing this issue and will have an answer and fix ASAP.

@Wildcatz_1‌ @dbmet‌ We kinda ended up with two threads on this. @Franz is keeping everyone up to date over here:

We’re getting close.

@Wildcatz_1‌ @dbmet‌ We have released a firmware patch that will hopefully resolve any of the offline issues you were experiencing. Thanks!

Great Thanks. Mine shows a device power cycle about 1:03 pm. Doesn’t show online yet.

@dbmet‌ I can see your device online in our system, if you continue to have issues please email and we can take care of any issues you are experiencing. Thanks!

Awesome. Yup it’s shows the next watering cycle.

@chris‌ @franz‌ everything working great on mine now, thanks for your quick attention to this issue ! Only issue I am seeing in the iOS app now is that I cannot tap into Zones Watering Times, History etc. Buttons like master valve etc toggle but cannot tap into those other areas now. Will continue to play as this may be iOS related as a dev, but wanted to mention it just as a heads up

@Wildcatz_1‌ , did your issue ever get fixed? Are you still having trouble accessing parts of the app?

@coslor‌ no did not get fixed yet, still an issue with the app in iOS 8 beta 5. Again worked great in beta 4 so put it down to iOS rather than the app necessary.

Talking to our iOS guy, it turns out that there are a few libraries that we use for our app that aren’t compatible with iOS 8 beta 5. We’ll make a note of it & watch for the updates to the libraries. Thanks!

@coslor‌ thanks for the update. As I said was very strange all was working in beta 4 then boom basically reduced the functionality of the app by about 90% in beta 5. So I assume these libraries will be updated as iOS 8 moves closer to release, in other words that we will be able to use with iOS 8 as and when its released ? Thanks again

As you’ve noticed, iOS 8 is a moving target right now, but we’ll do our best to have it working when iOS goes officially live.