Iphone XR now missing controller

Hi there, we have two homes, and the more recently added controller has gone missing. I replaced my iphone 7plus with the iphone XR is this a problem? Why is the controller missing? Do I have to reload the entire thing and start from scratch? Or did it get deleted by accident?

I had the engineering team review and it does look like you have two controllers under the email address used for your community account. Are you sure you logged in with the same email address? Can you provide a screen shot of only one controller on your account? Thanks!


Hi yes, I had totally forgot I had set one up under the other email address. I am so Thankful you guys could see that for me. I appreciate his ability to see the other one. I was ready to try and start all over again but afraid that it would show in use. Thank you all for your quick response. As if getting a new phone wasnt stressful enough getting back into all your apps is overwhelming! Thank you!!