iPad App in vertical mode only?

Rachio was recommended to me on the CQC forum and it does indeed look good. I downloaded the demo App and it is vertical only. No tracking to horizontal when the iPad is rotated.

Am I missing something? With horizontal mounted iPads, a vertical only configuration of the App is a deal killer.


The mobile app (just like Instagram and some other apps I use on the iPad) is an iPhone app displaying on an iPad, so it is vertical only. You can however use the web app on an iPad in Horizontal mode.


The app was built for the iPhone, it’s a horrible experience on the iPad. This is one thing that is long overdue.

Have you tried using the web app on the iPad? If so, I’m just curious what you don’t like about it.

Yes, following your suggestion, I moved to the web app. It works fine. Thanks.

During our upper 90’s hot spell, I’ve been using my iPhone to run it at various times for a few minutes to cool things down. I really like using Rachio. It’s light years ahead of my old vintage controller.

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