iOS Running Limited Access Zones screen sticks at "Sending to device"

I’m preparing to winterize my system and checking what the Sprinkler company experience will be when I grant Limited Access.

So, I followed the instructions and the email was sent as expected… clicking the link in the email opened up the website on iPhone (iOS 10.3.3) as expected… from the “Remote” screen, I “Set all zones to:” 2 mins and then pushed the “Run” button… all good and as expected so far.

After pushing the “Run” button, he display gets an overlay message “Sending to device” with the spinner loop… this remained on the display for the entire duration of the running of all zones for 2 minutes (total of 12 minutes).

In order to clear the screen of this “Sending to device” overlay after the run was complete, I had to use the refresh button at the top of the browser screen.

Is this expected behavior?.. seems kludgy.

Hey @scatspeak-

Are you still running into this? It almost sounds like your device may be offline…

Let me know.

McKynzee :rachio:

Hi @mckynzee -

The Rachio controller was online and responding to the commands from the app to start/stop each zone for the duration set in preparation before I pushed “Run”… I experienced this every time I tested it.

Because of this, I ended up having to just use the application in manual mode on my iPhone to run each zone as the Sprinkler tech was ready with the compressor… there’s no way the Sprinkler company could have used it with this behavior since once the “Run” button was pushed, there was no ability to further interact with the system from this “limited access mode” …
Kinda defeats the whole purpose of granting a Sprinkler company limited access if it becomes unresponsive and is kludgy in use for them.