iOS Notification Type Toggles

I’m new to Rachio (just installed mine last weekend) and it works great and I love the app. But the first thing I noticed is a lot of notifications on my phone.

I’m a big believer in ‘always relevant’ notifications. Time and time again I turn off all notifications from apps because they spam irrelevant information but if filters out some relevant notifications.

Knowing when the sprinklers come on, and for how long, and when they shut off, all in real time, isn’t really relevant to me. Nor when it is raining, or when it stops. I’m sure I haven’t seen all of the possible notifications yet, and I’m sure some of them are relevant to me, but the ones I have seen so far are not.

I’d like the ability toggle notification types to filter out the notifications that are not relevant to me personally.

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Here are the current notifications you can toggle:

Is there more granularity you would like?

Thanks for the feedback!


I completely missed this screen so thanks!!!

But one notifications that I don’t need right now are when a scheduled watering has started, and a scheduled watering has finished.

In the settings you have linked it is not obvious that any of them would disable these types of notifications.

I think this is the one you would toggle:

The status of my watering schedule changes.


Great, I’ll give it a try. I’m using Flex Schedule so I’ll know in a few days :smiley: I’m really eager to see the impact it will have on my water usage over the next year.

Very cool stuff guys. Keep up the awesome work!

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