iOS app Moisture Level graph dates truncated

My Moisture Level graphs on iOS don’t show the full Day numbers. They are cut off with an ellipsis (see below).

Is it just me? Or are others seeing the same?

noticed the same thing on my wife’s phone…

Yes, I’m seeing the same thing. Don’t remember seeing this before, so I think it may be new. What’s wired is that I go to the second graph and they all show correctly.

Hey Linn-
When you say second graph what do you mean?

I believe Linn means that if you use the arrow buttons at the top of the interface to go to the next week (or previous), the dates appear correctly. It is only the current week that seems to have the problem.

I don’t know if this particular calendar week triggers a problem, or if next week, it will be next week (the new current week) that would show the issue.


Correct. I should have worded it better.

yeah this is a problem that appeared out of no where in the past couple of months on ios app.

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Strange- I will report to our development team! Thank you for letting us know!

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well i’m glad @briansusername went ahead and mentioned it… i never brought it up because i just assumed it was already on the minds in the company

Hey @Modawg2k @Linn @briansusername @ghctim-

Which iPhone do you guys have? I have the 6 plus and I am having the same issue, but @mitchell has the 6s and no issues :disappointed_relieved:

@mckynzee Go big or go home, I have the 7 plus. My wife has a 6s so I can check hers later

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6S. Just checked graph again and still having truncation issue.

I have an iPhone 7, showing the truncation issue

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I have seen the issue on iPhone 6 and 7. I have a bunch of test devices.

aka burner phones :wink:

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Ha iPhones too expensive to be burners

Using an iPhone 7 here (actually got it FREE for a 2 year contract with Sprint that was cheaper than Verizon’s). Anyway, it has the same truncation problem others are experiencing here. I note on my iPad (also using iOS) it’s not a problem. The current and succeeding weeks all display the full date on that device.