IOS app missing watering event icon at launch

At app launch iOS v4.1.4 shows watering events today but no icon in the day tile.

However if I drag my finger from the top to refresh the app the icon pops in. There were a ton of button press quick runs today and app quick runs while opening the system for the season. Probably closer to 20+ runs but the app only shows 8.

Thanks for letting us know @scorp508, let me take a look at this and I’ll get back to you.


So here is what we get for you @scorp508:
First issue with icon missing on the app launch should be fixed in the next or the following release! wh00t wh00t!
As of the second issue, I brought it up to the team and we will take a look at it, but it is not a top priority right now. Meanwhile, let me give you a little explanation, so you have a better understanding of what is going on while waiting for the fix.
We are not accounting in-app quick runs into the total number of runs per day. Only schedule runs should be adding to that total. As of right now if you run the system from the controller buttons it is counting as a schedule run, so it is adding to your total number.
So basically what you are seeing is that you performed 8 button runs and the rest were ran through the app. And if you go to the expanded day view you should be able to see all of your runs for that day.

Thank you, I appreciate the quick response and the background detail.

The # of runs portion is certainly by no means the end of the world so I agree it wouldn’t be a high priority. It is however an interesting choice to distinguish button press runs as different than app quick runs. Is it a simple oversite nobody noticed before or is it a specifically chosen by-design behavior?

The button press runs sadly are nonconfigurable at 3 minutes (different topic: Please allow us to define "quick run" duration for panel buttons) yet the app runs can be much longer (looks like 17H59M if you really wanted to) and could represent a more significant change in zone moisture.

I suppose I’d understand more if it were flipped around and panel button presses weren’t being counted but app quick-runs were. :slight_smile:

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