iOS App issues

My iOS apps do not connect. the iPhone app opens and freezes on the main page. The app on my iPad doesn’t load.

The web page loads and works fine.

Any idea how to fix my iOS apps?

This is recent. They’ve been working very well since the last update.

Delete the app and reinstall, see if that help. That method has fixed a few app crashes for me

I’ve had the same problem with the app. Freezes on main screen. Very disappointed.

I’ve seen another bug in the app, though less critical. If you are manually controlling zones, as you move from one zone to the next, the app still shows the old zone. It waters the correct zone, but the app shows the wrong zone. Not critical, but clearly a bug.

Hopefully they get this next release out to bring back flex then they can get back to spraying raid

Two other things to check. Are you current on your IOS release? And do you have any others apps running? I’ve had hanging/freezing problems with more than just the Rachio app on my iPhone if too many other apps are up. I think the iPhone/IOS must run into a memory problem. Once I clear them out and restart the hanging app, it normally works fine.

Thanks, guys, for letting us know what sort of bugs you’re running across

This one was addressed in an expedited update, though some iOS users are still experiencing freezing. If you haven’t already, check that you’re running App v 2.5.2 (2) – if you are, we can add you to our list for TestFlight builds. Check your PM :slight_smile:

The issue with the remote is being addressed with our newest build, which Apple is reviewing. As you mention, it’s not a critical. We can still add you to the beta test list, if you’d rather not wait. :slight_smile:

If there’s anyone else who’d like to be added to the list, please let me know and I’d be happy to add you.

Thanks again for the feedback, all! Hoping we have this corrected soon.

~Lucas :rachio:

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