IOS app heating iPhone device

Sorry if this is a repeat as I thought I posted this previously.

Do others find their phone gets incredibly hot while using the Rachio app? iPhone XS and current IOS.

When you’re phone is getting hot, are you doing anything with it in the app by chance? Do you have any zones running or have you recently updated a zone or anything?

I’m taking a look at the profiling information and at least when the app is sitting on the dashboard there’s no CPU activity and relatively little network activity (with an occasional state update when needed).

If you have anything going it might help me to see if there’s anything that would cause excessive cpu usage that would cause the phone to get hot. Thanks!

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Thank you. I will pay closer attention. Typically I would be in the app after the watering- so no zones going. I’m typically looking at past watering and the future schedule.

Apples grow better in the heat. Hence the app waters and warms.

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