iOS App crashing

Normally when my rachio gen 2 is running I can open my iPhone app and view what is running and what is up next. Tonight every time I try to see this the app crashes. I can view it on my laptop, but not on the phone app. I have done a hard reset on the phone and still it crashes. Anyone else with this problem?

Thank you for reporting. I will have our engineering team review and provide feedback.


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True, but you can visit on your iPhone or Android phone, just like you can on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. It even works on Blackberry, Windows phone, …

I hate mobile apps. Developers spend a huge amount of effort, mostly duplicated, on iOS, Android and website applications, that IMO should be applied to better functionality, reliability and documentation.

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Thanks for getting the report in. I’m seeing the crash as well, looks like it happens when you open the app up while your system is running, then try and expand the watering information to see more. It doesn’t happen however if you start watering while the app is open.

I’ll work on getting this fixed and push out a hotfix update once we verify the fix. Depending on App Review times, I’d expect to see it later today or sometime tomorrow.


Posting a quick update. Got that crash fixed and am setting that up to build now. Still looking like today or tomorrow for when it’ll hit the App Store for update.

The crash happens regardless of when the app is opened and when you start watering, but happens when tapping the bottom bar to present more information.

A work around to hold anyone over until this update comes out:

Instead of tapping to present more information, drag up to present the information.

That should keep the app from crashing


Can you confirm what version includes the fix? I assume I still have the old version since my app was crashing this morning when I tried to review what zones were getting water.

Version 3.15.3 was the version that has the issue. We’ve since pushed out 3.15.4 as well as 3.15.5 that should both include the fix for the crash. Check for an update to one of those and see if you’re still running into the issue. If so let me know. Thanks!