IOS ap crashes

I went to run a manual cycle last night since the weather has been warm, and the ap starts to load then crashes on my Ipod touch (5th gen). Tried it on my wifes Iphone 6 and got the same result… so I busted out my hose and did it the old fashioned way. What the ap updated recently? Anyone else having issues? Weather is warm and I’m putting plants in today, if this isn’t going to be fixed soon, I’ll have to switch back to the old school manual controller so watering stays up when I’m gone next week.

@slapsomeducttap Can you send an email to They will be able to help you with any app issues.

We haven’t released a new version in over a month, and haven’t heard of any other customers having this problem.

I’m sure they will be able to help you figure out the issue.

Thanks and have a great day!


Don’t forget any computer can access the interface as well. Not seeing app crashes here, works on my phone and ipad.

Great point @SusanBradley – for anyone that’s never used the webapp, please check it out!

It will be getting a makeover soon too :wink: