iOS 10

Has there been any consideration in creating a widget that could appear on the lock screen? I was just thinking about maybe if the a schedule or zone was running, it’d provide the current status and maybe a countdown of the time remaining. I’m sure there are more things people might want to appeat and maybe in the user settings they could choose which items they want displayed.

And then if the system is not running a zone or schedule, I wish it could be created so that nothing displays at all, not even the empty widget. But if something has to be there, maybe it could provide information about the next upcoming schedule and the status of the controller (active, not active, Rain Delay and for how long, etc).


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Hey @jeremyshultz!
Thanks for the recommendation- this sounds like a pretty cool add-on idea! I’ll make sure to get this in front of the product team.
Happy posting!

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