Interweave multiple schedules

I have my yard split up into multiple flex daily watering schedules that are all set to start at 4am. What I’d like to see is that when one schedule is currently waiting around in “Cycle Soak”, another schedule can go ahead and run rather than everything just sitting and waiting.

I know this is how it works if you have multiple zones inside a single schedule.

I can give more in-depth details if necessary.

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What is your reason for not putting them all in one schedule?

Unless it has changed, at one point different zone settings could affect the runtime and frequency of all the other zones. So I have zones separated by slope, sun amount and head.

Edit: Looks like I’m probably wrong and should move them all into a single schedule at this point

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With flex daily they run great all in one schedule. Just keep non-drip and drip zones separated. That’s the only limitation I know of (if you want smart cycle to work).

That is flex monthly, caught me off guard when I first fired it up. Back to flex daily

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