Interesting drip calculator site for setting Nozzle IPH

Has anyone been able to check this site out?

Looks like you can plug in your plants and emitter type & amount and get a schedule and (more importantly) an inch per hr amount. I’m still a nube, but I was wondering if this was correct and a good way to help set my Nozzle inch per hr as that’s been really challenging for me.

I’m curious about others thoughts/comments.

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Checking it out - seems like a good concept!


Do you have another drip calculator that you use?


I may be biased, but The University of Arizona puts out some good info on gardening and landscaping!

@azdavidr created an awesome spreadsheet (sorry, I’m on my phone or I would link to it) that uses the website “Water Use it Wisely” as it’s basis. This seems pretty much the same as the UofA link in terms of deeper, longer watering to promote better root structure for more drought tollerent plants.


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Any thoughts on this calculator?

The link below is for the drip calculator that @tmcgahey refers to. Feel free to compare it to the UofA recommendation. My recollection is that they assume a layout of an evenly spaced grid of emitters, but I could be wrong.

Thanks fur the plug @tmcgahey !