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Will the app tell you ahead of time if it is going to skip? It rained last night and is supposed to rain a few days this week, but it is still showing that it is going to water tomorrow. Not sure if should manually skip since it is still showing it is going to water. I have it on Flex Monthly. Thanks in advance for any input.

@jimpetros The system does a 12 and 1 hour check before the schedule runs. At the 12 hour mark if you are above your threshold for precipitation the dashboard will show the schedule being skipped. If you don’t see a skip I can have the team do some research. Last night rain may not be taken into account since we check the day of schedule run and the day before schedule run (today). We do take forecasting into account for the day of the schedule run.

Here is some more information:

Hope this helps.


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Thanks. Very helpful.


I believe the system was going to skip your schedule, but it looks like at some point you “manually” overrode the skip on the schedule, and at that point we assume you have taken over control for the day and we won’t alter. You will need to manually skip the schedule now.

Here is the data we determined regarding the skip (the precip is in mm).

WeatherSkipHelper Combined precip for schedule b746b443-d90b-4853-9114-7070d56228dc on 2019-01-07 and previous day was 3.8359, which is ABOVE threshold of 3.2. Sending Precip Skip message



Thanks. Pretty cool that you can figure that out. Much appreciated. Next time, I’ll just wait and see what happens. Got a little too excited there.

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