Integration with Robotic Mowers

I just ordered a new Husqvarna Automower for my yard. The mower is semi-modern in that I can manage the mower’s schedule and settings via an app. Husqvarna is also adding Alexa and Google Assistant support to select models later this year.

However, one key feature that’s missing for me is integration with my Rachio Controller. I don’t want my mower to run when my sprinkler heads are popped up and watering because the heads will get damaged.

This means I’ll need to manually coordinate mower and watering schedules to keep the two from overlapping. Ideally, both the Rachio and the mower would instead talk to each other and do a handoff, such as: “I’m done watering, feel free to start mowing anytime”.

Husqvarna doesn’t offer a public API for their system, but other people have built their own Automower scripts (both in Python and in Node), so it looks like some integration might be possible.