Installation assistance/sprinklers wont run

I just installed my raccio 3 today. Seemed pretty simple, replace the zone wires with how the old zone wires were setup. When i went to setup the zones in the app and do the test run, the sprinklers don’t run. Is there something i missed? What do i do now?

It appears you had a rain sensor that you disconnected, which is fine. I suggest at least starting without the sensor and many find they do not need it. If you did hook it up, it would be different on the Rachio than what you had. However, I see the one white wire with the cap on it. It should be connected to ‘C’ (common) on the Rachio. Attaching that should fix your issue.

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Thank You so much Thomas. The loose white wire connecting to C was exactly it. Not sure I will hook up the rain sensor. Is there even a benefit? Anyways, thanks again, much appreciated.

Glad to hear it. With Rachio’s “weather intelligence”, a rain sensor is not really needed as much since it looks at weather from weather stations nearby. Of course, if the nearest weather station is a long way from you or you have more localized weather, the rain sensor might help. With the said, I do have a weather station on order.