Indexing valve vs standard for Rachio


@roach yeah they are 4-1 drip line valves.

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Thanks guys, got everything installed this weekend. Ended up using the Orbit manifold and so far so good. Will post pics today or tomorrow. Took a bunch! Also, zero water hammer :smile:

Had a small leak from the anti siphon unit but going to monitor to see if I need to replace. The valves and the anti siphon unit are above ground so any future work shouldnt be nearly as hard. Took my dad and I about 10 hours total to dig up the area, plumb 6 new lines, and the manifold, as well as the wiring. Moved the wiring from the outside, into my garage. So far so good.

I do have an issue where the Iro doesn’t like my wifi password, even though it isnt crazy complex. I temp set to something super easy and the BlinkUp thing worked just fine. Hopefully can go back to my more complex password sooner than later




Nice! Looks like a tight fit.



Oh and while we were at it, we replumbed some of my pool pump piping, and used a Union like you posted @cfwiggum . I love that thing. Will make future maintenance super easy :smile:

Indexing Valve Frustration

I really like the way the pipes overlap. It made a cool looking pattern.


Looks great!


Thanks guys. Def appreciate the photos and advice along the way. And even though he wont ever see this, gotta thank my dad (guy in the pic) for the awesome help.

Oh and I got the wifi issue resolved. Ended up trying on an iphone instead of my Android and it took just fine. A bit irritating that it works better on iphone but I happen to have one to use for a few so it worked out. So cant complain too much!


You have me re-thinking my setup now! Yours looks much more user friendly!


So this post is two years after the fact but I just felt the need to chime in. My name is Chris and I am the general manager of FIMCO Manufacturing. Yes, we manufacture indexing valves and have for 55 years. I believe the reason people use them is their simplicity and the fact that truly all you need to work on them is a phillips head screwdriver. I really like my rachio controller for my indexing valve and recommend it all the time to anyone who is fairly savvy with modern technology. I myself had to contact rachio’s support and they were extremely helpful. High marks for their support.

Should you decide to go that route or have any questions about indexing valves or how to set them up with the rachio controller I can certainly help. Please give me a call at our manufacturing facility in Jupiter, FL.

I am not trying to tout my valves here and I hope this doesn’t violate some sort of forum agreement. I simply want to help people connect the dots should they need to. As I stated before, I am a big fan of the rachio controller and have one on my residence with an indexing valve.