Incorrect Zone Watered - No History/Audit

Disregard - Problem with Irrigation found, Rachio2 is fine (I can’t figure out how to delete, sorry)
Explanation - After manually running Zone 4, there is apparently a break in this zone’s underground piping somewhere. What’s odd is that the piping runs nowhere near Zone 5, yet has managed to burrow a path beneath a patio and into this particular zone (planter). I had to let Zone 4 run for awhile to discover this.

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I have a Gen2 device connected to 7 Zones. No other devices are physically connected to the Rachio2, and I (believe) I have removed all other integrations (e.g. IFTTT, SmartThings).

This morning, one of my zones fired. I do not know if the zone was on the schedule, but the history does not indicate it had ran. I do not know how long the zone ran, however, the area shows evidence of flooding (expected; I’m dialing back parameters to get this correct e.g. size and flow). For simplicity sake, I’ll call it Zone 5.

In my history, it does indicate another zone, Zone 4, has fired last night. Zone 4 shows evidence of being watered.

Up until this point, all zones have fired normally, on schedule, as desired. All zones currently function properly via “Manual Cycle” and do not appear to have any issues. Zone 5 (6 and 7) are brand new valves and solenoids, managed by their own cable, with their common wire inserted into the “highest” Common location.

The last time Zone 5 was fired prior to this was yesterday afternoon, twice, manually for approximately 1 minute per event.

I manually ran Zone 4 to determine if something had changed from a physical wiring perspective (extremely unlikely; Rachio2 is in an outdoor box, locked.)

Support team, I did just email a case 291906, FYI.

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Wow. That sounds really improbable. I don’t think anyone will fault you for jumping to the simplist explanation first :slight_smile: Glad you figured it out!

@JustMatt Thanks for posting a followup and not having the engineers go chasing this down a rabbit hole :wink:

I guess your underground piping was similar to this: