Incorrect station read for rainfall

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I setup weathersnoop to send my ambient weather station’s data to pws. Its been working quite well for the last few hours. I setup rachio to read from it. I got a message saying because of rain, my schedule was skipped. It rained today, so that’s expected. But the message is from another pws (MID_D0360) that I had previously set up my rachio for. Not sure why it is not reading my current pws.

Rachio is currently connected to -

After the schedule skipped message, I see rain delay set for Mar 24th 7:04 pm, the actualy schedule was Mar 24th 7:00 pm. Not sure whats going on there.

Also I seem to get these messages at 10 minutes past the hour before my watering schedule. Is that when you send messages?


I see you’ve started uploading data to PWSweather yesterday. It may take up to a week before any signs of your old station are cleared out, I wouldn’t worry too much about reports mentioning your old station until than.

By the way, if your ambient weather station already uploads data to weather underground, there is a better way to link it to PWSweather, without needing a computer running weathersnoop 24/7. More info here (link)



@ronmis, just to clarify, you had the PWS MID-D0360 connected to weathersnoop & PWSweather, but recently changed it to PWS PLANO202?

We leverage APN & GCM for messaging – sometimes there can be a delay in delivery. For more information, please see this support article.

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I see someone lives very close to me. PWS-PLANO202 and MID-D0360 are the two closest PWSs to me.

I just reset my Rachio V2 to point to MID-D0360. Rainfall as reported in Moisture charts matches up to what I’ve been seeing for the last week.

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yes, I had it set to MID-D0360 and then changed it to PWS PLANO202. later that evening, I got a notification saying Watering schedules skipped because MID-D0360 reported rainfall above threshold.

I’m waiting for it to rain in Plano again to test this out. Hopefully I’ll get messages about Plano202 this time.

I’ve got a suggestion - Can we have a place in the app that shows rainfall received for a day? Currently the only way to see this number is to create a flexible schedule, open up a zone, click Moisture levels and then More Details.

Also, which value for rainfall do y’all read? Rachio reported reading 0.13" on the 25th (, on checking pws I noticed that 1 value was 0.13", probably a bad value from wunderground ( I use wufyi to populate pws). You should be reading precipitation of the latest pws update for a day, which would be 0.00 at 11:59 pm in my case

Correct. For those of us insisting on trying to stay with running our Rachio V2s on ‘full automatic,’ it’s incredibly time consuming to go through all of the clicks to get to yesterday’s rainfall.

I have learned, when on ‘full auto,’ that you have to wait one, two or three days before making any conclusions after making a change.

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Love the idea! I’ll share it with the product team, but recommend you +1 this feature request as well :wink:

We’ll report the predicted rainfall and make schedule decisions accordingly, then override with the actual observed rainfall that occurred; on a Flex Daily schedule, this allows us the ability to both predictively skip AND reschedule waterings if the rain didn’t occur.


Why is this happening. I also noticed that once it passes 7:04, rain delay gets reset to ‘No rain delay’

I’ll have a member of the support team review your device logs. Do you have any integrations configured that might be reversing the rain delay?

No itegrations. Just my rachio 1st gen connected to my PWS weather station

Quick update on this – after reviewing the controller logs, we determined that the controller was working properly and this was a misunderstanding in the copy on the app.

For transparency, here’s a screenshot if the copy confusion:

The schedule was set to water at 9:00p, but the Rain Skip feature predicted rain and issued a Rain Delay set to expire at 9:04p. When this happens, the Rain Skip feature automatically triggers a Rain Delay just before the time the watering schedule is scheduled to start which overrides it from watering and quickly expires after said time in the event there’s another watering schedule that needs to water. Our spring app release will make this easier to understand, and provide more control over the skips.