Inconsistent flow readings and warnings

#21 Would you mind posting a photo of the flow settings for that zone?


Here’s ‘Back Yard Patio’, and in general it looks like Low-Flow and High-Flow triggers are consistent across zones.


This was true with paddle meters (the only meter technology that has had any penetration in this market so far). By having bearings and a rotating paddle, the accuracy started out bad and got worse over time-much worse. Vortex Meters never change their calibration as long as the diameter of the pipe doesn’t change or the width of the shedder bar in the meter. (I believe this one is made of stainless steel so unlikely) They will be within a couple percent if properly installed indefinitely.


I would recommend bumping up the High-Flow trigger as .3 GPM might be within your variance on that zone at any particular time and would not represent an actual high flow leak.

We set the trigger levels based on industry standards but every system is different and may take some tweaking.