Include the DATE in the history list

I can’t believe DATE is not included in the History list…pretty worthless if all I know is the time something happened and not the date!!!

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The iOS version of the app has it:

Interesting…mine does not have it:

I don’t see the date in the web app (chrome) either.

Definitely a +1 for this

If watering occurred today the date is omitted. Scroll down a bit if you have enough watering history.


Tons of history entries…no date on any of them.

I do see the dates for older events in the Android App

Ok, I see them now…it just shows the time if it watered today…then it shows the day of the week (mon, tues…) for any days in the previous week…then older than a week it shows the actual date…

Would be nice to just include the date/time on every history entry.

thanks everyone!!