Include the DATE in the history list

I can’t believe DATE is not included in the History list…pretty worthless if all I know is the time something happened and not the date!!!

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The iOS version of the app has it:

Interesting…mine does not have it:

I don’t see the date in the web app (chrome) either.

Definitely a +1 for this

If watering occurred today the date is omitted. Scroll down a bit if you have enough watering history.


Tons of history entries…no date on any of them.

I do see the dates for older events in the Android App

Ok, I see them now…it just shows the time if it watered today…then it shows the day of the week (mon, tues…) for any days in the previous week…then older than a week it shows the actual date…

Would be nice to just include the date/time on every history entry.

thanks everyone!!


I couldn’t agree more. This is typical today. Software engineers are trying to make things cleaner and appear more professional. The problem is, it makes it hard to use. They also assume there will never be a bug such that the date fails to appear even if it didn’t happen today. Just show the date and be done with it. A little more clutter, maybe, but I’ll take that over confusion and bugs any day.

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