In a little over my head but I can learn

I recently purchased a Rachio 3 Smart Water System. I do not nor have I had an irrigation system set up. I have an unopened Rachio 3 Smart Water System and I want to hook it up but I do not have an already installed controller put in but instead, the previous owner of the house just installed front and back yard zones on directly on the outdoor spigot and need to install the Rachio with a fresh install. What do I need to do to do that?


Here’s a video from Rainbird that covers installing an irrigation system.

Your system would require a water source, back flow preventer, control valves and the wiring from the control valves to your Rachio 3. All of this can be performed by a skilled DIYer. However, if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself you can always hire a professional. If you have other questions there are plenty of very knowledgable members in the Rachio Community.

Good luck with your project! :+1:

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