Important features Rachio should have

Flow sensor (Wireless preferred ), WiFi range extender( to allow multiple timers to be connected beyond the range of the original WiFi sourse and within range of the last controller), diagnostic and alerts for short detection, Grow in scheduling, More wx sites. These are just some of the features I need.

Thanks for these, I’ll make sure the product team reviews and determine if they fit into our priorities.

I know we are reviewing some of these at the moment.

Thanks again!


Why would you want your sprinkler controller to do wifi extension vs networking gear?

Wifi extentions from each Rachio to the next Rachio in line that would extent the original source of wifi connection. I have 80 I would like to connect but there is no option to extend original WiFi signal.

@SuperSmith, just to clarify, would you like to be able to connect 80 controllers? Or heads?

Perhaps you could better explain your sprinkler setup for us to understand the big picture?

Best, Emil

FYI, I’m using a $15 network extender from newegg. Works great with 100% uptime to reach my garage based IRO.

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@dentalpain, thanks for sharing! Just curious, what make/model router do you have? Was this a problem you knew about before ordering & installing the Iro? Or something you had to address post install?

Best, Emil

Something close to this model…
ZyXEL WRE2205 Wireless N300 Range Extender
I did know it would be a stretch going in, I setup using a hotspot from my phone but added an extender for better 4-5 bar coverage. I have been surprised with the 100% uptime.

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Adding a reply from @SuperSmith that sent as a email and didn’t post to the community:

80+ irigation controllers. The complex is a 380 unit condo complex with the wifi starting from the main office and the wifi cannot reach most of the controllers.Installing new wires under ground is not an option within any reasonable budget.

Unfortunately, this is not a feature we plan on adding to the Iro anytime soon. There might be some options to setup a mesh network of routers on your property to expand your WiFi coverage. Alternatively, there are some other controllers on the market that might better suit the existing network requirements.

Hope this helps others in the same situation.

Best, Emil