Image folder in Android app

New to Rachio, but 30+ yrs in IT dev, webdev and network dev. So far, love the R3.

In setting it up, your support people were very helpful in communicating image requirements. After creating my images, I was at a loss as to where to place them locally on my Android (11) phone. Just a thought, but I would really like to see a folder in the R3 app, so as to keep those images separate & less likely to be accidentally deleted, as well as to keep the access speed a bit quicker.
Your support staff asked I post here.

Here’s my original ask to them:
“I’m trying to figure out the best place to put the images on the Android (11) phone. I clean out my images from the DCIM/Camera regularly and don’t want to risk deleting the wrong images from time to time. Therefore, I’m wondering if there is a directory for the Rachio app on the phone where I can store the images. Since size is an issue, I brought the photos from my phone down to an image editor on my workstation and processed them for size and resolution, and will probably be uploading them from there. There’s one option of using the google drive option, but would prefer to have a direct upload, but just not sure where on the phone or in the app to put them.”

Here’s their response:
“Thank you for following up with me! Unfortunately, there’s not a place on the Rachio app where we can store images, we only have the option to select a photo in the zone settings so it helps us to identify that particular zone more quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience!”