Ignore reported precipitation if rain sensor not activated that day

After a couple of years with Rachio, the only times I’ve had a problem with the moisture levels/watering are when the selected local weather station reports rain, but none actually occurred at my location due to the path of the storm. Have you considered ignoring the reported precipitation if the rain sensor wan’t also activated? This would prevent the problem of skipping watering due to reported rain that didn’t actually occur at the site. I’m not sure what the down side would be, assuming of course a properly working rain sensor, but even that potential problem would seem better than skipping watering when it really was needed. It could even be an optional feature that the user could activate if they wanted to, or deactivate if they didn’t want it or if their rain sensor was faulty.

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Hi @rjdral!

I like this idea of adding more logic to how we factor rain sensor data into our weather reporting. Weather can be so unpredictable, any methods to improve that data is useful! Thank you for the feedback, I will relay your request to the team.

McKynzee :rachio:

This is an exceptionally good suggestion.

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